It's not a matter of choosing to get up early each morning or to lacing up your shoes every evening. It is about connecting to the road, to your stride, to your breathing, to your pace… Stepping away from everything else with only time to focus on only one thing, THE RUN.

You are a runner,it is what You do

As an avid or competitive runner, the goal is to always run farther, faster while maintaining the same level of intensity. At the Running Clinic at Elite Physical Therapy our goals is to provide runners in the upstate the knowledge, training, equipment and medical support needed to reach their your next level.

The Running Clinic does this by can helping you in 4 distinct ways:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Custom training programs
  • Custom fit Orthotics
  • Injury recovery

The Runner's Comprehensive Analysis

The Runner’s Comprehensive Analysis is an hour and a half of evaluation and instruction that examine your...


As they all relate to the activity of running. We also examine the potential sources of injury and teach you sound techniques for preventing such injuries. Our licensed physical therapists use their knowledge as a physical therapist and theDartfist Video & Motion Analysis Software to perform each analysis. At the completion of your Runner's Comprehensive Analysis, we "burn" your video analysis along with our comments/annotations for form correction onto a recordable CD or DVD to provide you with this valuable reference tool in perfecting your running form.

Contact Us

For more info, please call us at 864.233.5128 or send us an e-mail.

The Running Clinic is located at all 3 Elite Physical Therapy locations:
30 Rushmore Drive Greenville, SC 29615
1011 Grove Road, Suite 2-A Greenville, SC 29605
2005 E. Greenville Street, Suite 119 Anderson SC 29621

Custom orthotics

One of the special services that we provide at The Running Clinic is the biochemical examination of your lower extremities and fitting of custom orthotics to correct foot alignment and promote proper running form. Depending on the results of your Runner's Comprehensive Analysis, We will advise you if custom orthitics would be appropriate and at your request, create the type of shoe insert that will best improve your running mechanics.

Injury Recovery

The unfortunate fact of being a runner is that you will likely be injured at one time or another. The current research literature estimates that every year, up to 80% of all the runners will have some sort of hip, knee or ankle injury. The Running Clinic at Elite Physical Therapy is the best place to seek treatment for your running-related injuries. Using manual therapy, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, exercise, taping, orthotic prescription (when needed) and modalities such as an ultrasound and electrical stimulation, The Running Clinic is able to properly treat your injury and to get you back to training as quickly as possible.